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I just received an excellent newsletter from the Vision Therapy Center that highlights  a number of children vision issues and in particular, the limitations of using the Snellen Chart to determine visual issues. Currently the State of Texas recommends the Snellen Chart for most of their vision testing requirements. They have allowed for the use of photo refractors for pre-school children and those that have special needs/ non-verbal. We do hope that the state continues to expand the use of a more comprehensive vision screening tool.  Lions in our district are certified to use these instruments which can help identify visual issues that the Chart misses. Bottom-line, we all need to encourage parents to get their child in for a comprehensive eye exam, much like a sports physical from a local eye care professional, before they turn 8. Even younger if there is any indication of amblyopia.
Please consider this an education resource and one that you can receive as part of their mailing list and pass it along to others.
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Istock 483634652We’re overa month into the school year, and this is when functional vision problems start to emerge — even among kids who have never struggled in school before.

Why? Because as children advance a grade level, the functional vision problems that they’ve managed to adapt to suddenly become too much to overcome. The reading becomes too challenging, the print too small, the homework too much.

We detailed these issues in the post “Is Your Child Struggling in School After the First 30 Days?”

If your child starts to show these symptoms take the Vision Quiz. It’s a good way to indicate if your child has a functional vision problem.

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