MD-2 Lions of Texas invites you to participate on a virtual stride ( walk, run, bike) at your leisure and place in observance of the World Diabetes Day ( Nov. 14th and November as World Diabetes Month ).

Due to the success of this event last year, we are continuing the virtual “ Striding for Healthy Living “ Program.

Many of us have taken advantage of the COVID-19 shutdowns to walk, run or bike as a way to get out of the house and exercise, so we are encouraging Lions to exercise during the month and to keep track of the exercise of their choice. We want to encourage and involve our communities to exercise as a means of creating healthy living, and one of the controlling factors that can reduce your risk in developing Type 2 Diabetes . This is a great way to support Diabetes Awareness and get much needed exercise during this pandemic.

From November 1 through November 30, we are asking Lions to record how far you walk, run bike or dance during the month. JUST DO WHAT YOU DO, BUT RECORD IT!! If you do it with your spouse, children, or friends, include them as well. Lions should report their results no later than December 31 to their Lions Club Sec or Diabetes Chair, who should collect the results and report them to your District Diabetes Awareness Chair. Let’s challenge what we have done last year !

Participating Clubs will be noted in the District Newsletter, and recognition will be given to most miles walk, run and or bike on a per-Club basis, highest average miles per participant on a per-Club basis, and highest average miles per Lion on a per-Club basis. District winners will be announced at the Mid winter Conference in Jan. 2022 and will automatically compete for the state. Winners for the MD2 will be announced at the Feb. CoG meeting in Kerrville, TX.


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